Our Vision

OmniLearn’s mission is to ensure STEM-based learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) serves as the core learning experience for every student, spanning pre-K through grade 12, to enable our children to reach their full potential in today’s evolving global society.


OmniLearn has been the pioneer in transforming the traditional teaching paradigm, benefiting both Educators and Students.

OmniLearn Corp is WBE (Women-owned Business Enterprise) certified in NYC and NY State!

The guiding principle of our Professional Development model is “individualized and interactive instruction”.

By utilizing a step-wise approach within our model, we seek to facilitate Educator success in two key areas:

  • Become experts in executing STEM-based lessons/labs
  • Becoming champions of STEM, which they impart to their students.

By employing best practices as set by Scientists and Engineers via Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), coupled with a student-centric approach, students now have unlimited potential to excel in Science, Math and ELA.

OmniLearn’s teaching approach also fosters critical skillsets of cognitive flexibility amongst students, further arming them to succeed in the 21st century1:

  • Open-minded evaluation of different opinions, perspectives, and points of view
  • Willingness to risk mistakes
  • Consideration of multiple ways to solve problems
  • Engagement in learning, discovery, and problem solving with innovative creativity
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