Weekly Web Findings: Biomimicry, volcanoes, COVID 19 news and more!

June 5, 2020

Here are our weekly collection of useful web resources. Let us know in the comments what you find useful!

Meet ACE2, the Enzyme at the Center of the Covid-19 Mystery: Read up on how scientist unlock another part of the COVID 19 puzzle.

Japanese Scientists Unveil ‘Nuclear’ Periodic Table of Elements: Take a look at a proposed update to the classic periodic table.

Mitosis Match Up: Use this activity from Carolina to reinforce the stages of mitosis with your students.

“We can soon thank butterfly tongues for better cancer treatments and vaccines”: Learn about technologies inspired from traits found in nature.

Scientists Gene-Hack Human Cells to Turn Invisible: Learn how science can genetically engineer cells with some inspiration from squid.

The 10 Most Dangerous Volcanoes in the U.S. Ranked”: Learn about volcanoes across the U.S and see some amazing photos!

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